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Niigata Factory・Niigata 2nd Factory

Equipment Name Volume
・Adhesive separation・material shortage automated inspection equipment 1
・A set of painting process line 1
・Automated squeeze machine for rubber bush 4
・Centerless grinder for rubber bush 2
・Deflashing machine 1
・Automated adhesive coating machine for metal pipe 1
・Automated assembly and adhesion machine for head cover washer 2
・Automated assembly machine for fuel tank cushion rubber and double sided adhesive tape 4
・Automated primer coating machine for fuel tank cushion rubber 2

Adhesive separation, material shortage automated inspection equipment for the total number quality assurance by the image processing.
The labor saving by automated inspection.


Testing Facilities

Daito Rubber Testing Equipment List

Equipment Name Number Purpose of use
・2.5L KNEADING MACHINE 1unit Test mixer for A mix
・Test roll 1unit Test mixer for B mix
・Rheometer 1unit Material vulcanization evaluation
・Mooner visco meter 1unit Measuring viscosity and scorch time
・Curelastometer 1unit Material vulcanization evaluation
・Rubber test piece tensile testing machine 1unit Material strength and elongation percentage measurement
・Rebound resilience tester 1unit Measuring the rebound resilience of the rubber
・Brittleness testing machine 1unit Measuring brittleness at low temperatures of rubber
・Electrical resistivity tester 1unit Measuring surface resistivity and volume resistivity
・5t automatic rubber tensile testing machine 1unit Breaking strength, spring constant measurement
・Dynamic spring rate testing machine 1unit Measuring dynamic properties of rubber parts and TP
・Resonation point measuring equipment 1unit Resonation frequency measurement
・Hydraulic durability testing machine 1unit Durability test
・Test tube 2unit Rubber oil resistance test
・Thermal aging testing machine 9units Rubber heat resistance test
・Ozone testing machine 1unit Rubber material ozone resistance testing
・Dimensional measurement microscope 1unit Parts dimensional measurement
5t All purpose testing machine (Shimazu)

5t automatic rubber tensile testing machine (Shimazu)

Measuring microscope (Mitutoyo)

Dimensional measurement microscope (Mitutoyo)

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Material Development

Material development department

Experienced staff who love rubber beyond all else are able to suggest the material with character at almost every polymer level, on time.
Also we will deal with your request in a speedy manner.


Rubber material table

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